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I have a horrible pain in my neck. It’s really bothering me. It feels like a hot plate or something, an intense warm energy driving upwards but most of it stuck in the back of my neck.

And it’s experiences like this that truly make you appreciate the good and solid chairs we had in the past, normal chairs, not those crappy desk chairs that are no good and don’t sustain your back properly.

A wooden chair: that’s what I need at the moment.

I really long for a nice chair.

They just don’t sell real chairs anymore. What they do is make gadgets that happen to be chairs as well. We’re so much into gadgety stuff that it’s become annoying. You can’t go anywhere without seeing high-tech products that you wouldn’t have found usefull amyway if it weren’t for the constant bombardment of ads all day. Be it through the television, newspaper (do people still read those?), internet, etc.

I long for a wooden chair, like in the old days ( I wasn’t born back then, but who cares).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I long for a world of substance, where things actually last, where you don’t have to replace your computer every 5 years.

I can’t seem to stay with the same computer for more than that length of time, no matter what I do.

There must be some kind of conspiracy…to make us buy more. Of course there is. Otherwise this system wouldn’t last a week. They need us to buy all the time, and not only that, but they need us to think we need to buy all the time.

Professional consumers: that’s what we’ve become. Things weren’t like this before. They’ve eased us into this lifestyle slowly and deliberately, with a goal in mind to make the world a huge shopping mall.

Values disappear, the only value left is consumption.

Unfortunately buying things isn’t just buying things, no sir. The activity in itself has a specific purpose: to lull you in a sense of tranquility where your masters make all the important decisions, while you’re left to choose which flavor ice-cream you should buy next

With the right incentives, people are very easy to deceive indeed.

As a matter of fact, people will do anything in exchange for the promise of some kind of a better life.  What I’m getting at is that you can accuse publicity, and ads of manipulating the general population but the reality of it all is that you responded to their incentives. It’s your fault, you see? Marketing campaigns simply adapt their strategy to what their research tells them people should respond to.

We have the power, not them.

But are we likely to use it? I don’t think so, for the simple reason that it would take too much work.

Slaves aren’t just the ones with metal chains around their wrists and feet; most commonly, they are the ones who follow along without question.

In our current society, we don’t need slavers anymore. We each are our own slavers: the dominant and the dominated personality all at the same time, a sadomasochistic relationship all on your own.

And as we all know, even though sadomasochistic couples say they can live happily this way, I’m not sure it actually works in real life. I’m not sure I would say that these kind of couples actually connect on a deep level with their significant other. It’s just a power play acted out in the form of a game really. It’s not serious. It’s childish in my opinion—and nothing wrong with childish. It’s just that when we’re talking about mature realtionships, I can’t really picture that type of relationship being one, sorry.

In light of what I just said, even though it might feel pretty comfortable letting another person or institution tells us what to do or how to behave, ultimately we will pay for our weakness. There’s no person in hell who wouldn’t take advantage of that situation: having so much power over someone else. It’s just not human nature.

What is human nature unfortunately is to exerse power over anyone that is perceived as weaker. You can’t change that reality. Some of us might like to think that there are certain people worse than others, and there very well might be. But if we’re honest, really, is anything that these so-called unscrupulous bad guys have done, so out of our imagination. Is it so far-fetched that we can’t imagine ourselves doing it—in the right circumstances?

There’s a reason power and money corrupts. It’s because we’re deeply and easily corruptible. Don’t talk of power as if it were real though. Power is an idea, it’s a concept that is made reality by people who think they wield it. And the reason they think they wield it is because they know that others see them in the same light as well.

It’s a two way street.

Power is perceived as power by the one who has it and the one who hasn’t got it. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

Therefore any type of power is ultimately psicological power, and is the ultimate goal of powerful individuals.

Money’s ot really a thing. It’s irrelevant. Money is the wrapping around a Christmas gift. It’s meant to decorate and move your attention away from the actual value of the gift itself, which most of the time is just some self-made bullshit, with no actual thought put into it at all…just a badly crafted string of homemade nonsense (I’m going overboard, yes :mrgreen: ).

but don’t let the bling divert you from what’s really going on: a psicological battle between good and evil.

I need to precise something: I don’t really believe in good and evil people per se, but I do believe in good and evil as archetypes. There are evil forces out there. And when I mean out there I actually mean in there, in ourselves—psicological.

We like to think we know ourselves pretty well, right? Well we don’t. Because of a little something called dissociation, most of us are capable of imprisoning some aspects of ourselves into compartments, most of which are aspects deemed evil by society (e.g. jealousy, anger, sadism, envy, etc.). It’s a survival thing. Society wouldv’e banned us from life if we hadn’t suppressed these aspects. However, the trouble in doing this (the danger actually) is that these aspects are now free to do as they want without supervision whatsoever.

An emotion that is not lived by the person will ultimately leave and do its own thing. It will build and build and build until it decides to break through the person’s psyche wrecking absolute havoc.

And it’s very hard to fight once the energy has ripped through the persons last defenses.

Luckily though, there is a solution:  living a life full of different experiences will go a long way into preventing a worst case scenario.

There are cases, where people have just let their repressed anger burst through and dominate them completely, If you look at serial killers.

Even though serial killers are an extreme case. An extreme case is just a case that is extreme. It doesn’t mean it isn’t rooted in everyday common struggles. What I’m saying is that the particular inner battle of a serial killer is not so unique as we would like to believe. It’s impossible to know just how many people, without ever having killed anyone, struggle with similar urges to kill.

The exceptional is always an over-exaggerated and overblown version of a much more common and wide-spread problem in society.

Thinking that crazy people are some sort of alien race, and not really human is very foolish indeed. Any mental patient is the reflection of what you could have become if it weren’t for a better support system or an easier life.

The distance between the sick, mentally ill, rejected, ostracized human being and the so-called normal individual is sometimes more a question of meters than kilometers.

As we know, as a society we like to blame others and look at others difficulties as not something we would have experienced ourselves because of some inner strength that we think we possess that would have prevented us from falling this low. It makes us feel superior—in different ways: better husband, better employee, better lover, better friend, and even a better human-being. We understand that. That’s part of human nature to categorize and establish hierarchies, as human-beings are inherently classists and believe that some of us are inferior and others superior. There’s no going away from that.

It’s something to accept and acknowledge. It’s as simple as that.

Instead of hoping for some magic change in human-nature, we should be hoping to understand it better and integrate all its aspects into our society. The problem is that we expect people to live up to an ideal like jesus-christ, or buddha, or someone like that. There’s this idea that if we all could be more like these highly evolved and spiritual beings we would be better off as a society—and we would have peace. The issue I have with this is that these “people” aren’t really people at all; they’re ideas more than actual people. I know they actually existed. But most likely our vision of them today is totally over-idealised and not much to do with the actual reality of who these people were.

They had flaws like anybody else. It’s just not realistic to see them as all good and without anything bad in them.

As long as humanity is willing to put its head in the sand when it comes to its inner darkness, which is present in every human-being walking this earth, then, as a society we will always project the dark onto some people and the light onto others: either you’re all good, or you’re all bad.

And I’m all good or I’m all bad.

No you’re not.

The darkness comes from within, not from outside.

Since the darkness comes from inside then it must mean that it can be tamed and used for one’s own purposes (I’m not trying to turn you to the dark side).

But I am trying to make you realize that a negative is only a negative as long as you label it that way.

For instance, anger: is it good, is it bad? I don’t know. It depends, right? It’s the way you use it that makes it good or bad. Anger turned inwards is called depression. Now, this is a debilitating position to be in because you’re using anger against yourself. You’ve turned your sword towards you, and driving its blade against your very heart. No wonder you’re suffering and can’t get anything done.

Here’s what PH.D Henry Kellerman has to say about anger:


When anger is repressed, it will attack the self. Why? Because anger is an attack emotion that only responds to one internal command – attack! That’s all anger knows. So when it’s expressed to others, then the anger wants to attack the other person. When it is repressed (turned inward) then of course the self will be attacked. Remember, anger knows no civilization and doesn’t even know you, (Yes, that’s even true of your own anger). Anger will simply attack.


The secret is to turn whatever bad emotion you’re having trouble with, in the opposite direction, and use it to accomplish great things instead of hurting your own self. The direction of your anger is what’s wrong, not the anger in itself. Anger is just intensity, or energy if you will, very primal, very difficult to control. But once you manage to make it your ally, then the world is yours my friend.

And the way to make it your ally is by raising your vital energy, in other words, by expanding your life force to the point where it can be seen.

As a rule: the higher your energy levels are, the higher the likelihood of you being a vehicle for life, the higher the likelihood of you allowing life to live through you. On the other hand, the lower your vital energy is, the closer you are to death, the closer you are to becoming unhabitable to even life itself. 

That’s what depression is.

That’s what depression feels like: the death of the soul itself. 


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