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First Of All, What Makes A Great Supplement Company?

Asking what are the highest quality supplements on the market today is basically asking which are the highest quality supplement companies in the world today.

Knowing for sure if a product is really good before trying it is almost impossible, as there exists out there unscrupoulus companies prepared to do whatever it takes to sell their products, by blatantly lying to you and grossely over-exagerating their claims.

That happens a lot unfortunately.

So you never know. You have to be on the look-out for certain signs…certain things that indicate to you that you are indeed dealing with a serious, legit and top-notch company. Once that has been established, you can decide to purchase from them or not.

Basically if the entreprise seems to work in a serious and professional manner, then the products that they sell are most likely of the highest quality also.

There’s no way to be sure though, unless you possess vast knowledge in nutrition and science, which most of us don’t. The truth is that until the day you actually try them, you’ll always remain in doubt.  But by then the damage may have already been done, so be smart and check a few things on the company beforehand.

In light of this, everytime we decide to buy something we show some level of trust: we trust that the products are safe, we trust that what’s written on the label and the actual content of our purchase is the same, etc.

There’s always an element of trust going on, as you can see. We decide to buy something—or not—based on certain criteria that are, lets be honest, most of the time purely instinctual, but nonetheless absolutely valid as there’s real life experience behind it.

These are the things you should expect from any high quality supplement company:

#1: Customer Service Options

A legit supplement company will give not just one way to contact them, but several: by phone or by email, and they should indicate their actual physical address for anyone to be able to go visit them if the individual so desires.

Beware of any company that doesn’t indicate any physical address. It could be a scam. In other words, it could be just a website that was quickly set-up to rob you of your money and leave you feeling the dumbest person on earth for ever trusting them in the first place.

Making sure that you have at least three different options available for contacting a company is a pretty sure-fire way not to end-up the victim of bad or even fake supplement brands.

You deserve to know the highest quality supplements on the market.

#2: GMP Manufacturing

If you buy a supplement, you want to at least make sure that it has gone through the most rigurous processing possible beforehand. GMP manufacturing basically assures the client that what’s in the bottle corresponds to what the label says is in the bottle, as those types of facilities are held to the same standard as pharmaceutical companies as mandated by the FDA.

#3: Professional Looking Website

If a website looks professional and not overly flashy, it means there has been some actual thought put into it. It might not sound so important but it’s rare that a fake company would invest or be hugely preocupied with aesthetics.

#4: Clinical Studies And Scientific References

You want to know why each particular ingredient is in a supplement. You want to see clinical scientific studies that support and validate the idea that these products promote health. Even better if the company tries to educate you by mentioning outside studies, and really takes the time to explain the logic behind their decision to put each ingredient into their products.

#5: Testimonials From Highly Respected Professionals

There’s nothing that gives you more confidence than the positive testimonial of a highly respected individual in his chosen field, as you feel this gives a certain credibility to the company. Sure you can buy people off. But it’s rare that a totally corrupt and phony supplement company manages to get many high quality testimonials.

These athletes, doctors, scientists, etc, don’t want to tarnish their reputation by associating themselves with pyramid-schemes or the like; what they want is to preserve or even enhance their reputation, and of course make some money where possible.

But the reputation is key.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should look for professionals with at least an ounce of fame and “stardom” who actually have a reputation to lose in the first place; otherwise they might be more casual at the time of choosing a supplement company they want to endorse.

So if you don’t see many high profile names in the “testimonial section”, that is a big red flag.

#6: Scientists And Researchers On Board

Having highly qualified scientists backing and advising your project is extremely important. These scientists, in many cases, even help the supplement company make the products by advising the board and lending their expertise.

You need people who know about nutrition, who know about the human body more than you do to give the necessary credibility behind your product line, while you (the CEO) concentrate on the more administrative and business side of things.

#7: Patent-Protected Formula

Many supplement companies don’t have any patent-protected formulas for the simple reason that they do not trust their products to be that affective. Let me explain it to you: to get a patent, a supplement company would have to present their products to be analysed by some government entity. However, if the state scientists do not find your products to be of any usefulness to the general public (no positive effects on health), they will immediately request to the supplement brand that they remove their products from the market, products in which the company has probably invested millions of dollars.

So you can easily see the downside of it all for an entreprise.

Only the highest quality supplements on the market get to have a patent. If it’s good enough for the governement of the United-States of america, then it should be good enough for you.

#8: Member Of The Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Our Code of Ethics is a robust series of policies that every DSA member agrees to follow as condition of membership. It holds member companies accountable to policies that protect independent salespeople and consumers and encourages the entire marketplace for direct selling to meet these high standards.


This is an excerpt from the DSA code of ethics. The DSA has as its main objective to maintain and achieve a high level of standard in the direct sales industry, and that includes of course the supplement industry. All the main, most well-known companies in the business are members:

  • Herbalife
  • Natura
  • Universal Nutrition
  • CytoSport
  • Nutrex Research
  • etc…

#9: Social Media

One of the most overlooked but perhaps one of the simplest ways to assess the success of a company is to look at its social media pages like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. What’s interesting to see on these pages is not what the company has to say; but what the people (customers) have to say, about the company, the products, if they liked it, didn’t like it, and more.

Another thing: if a supplement brand has lots of fans on…let’s say facebook–thousands–than that’s a pretty good sign that you can trust the people at the top managing the corporation.

And if you can trust the people at the top, you can usually trust in the quality of their products—as no entreprise could possibly corrupt so many people in giving them likes and positive comments. That’s just not going to happen.


Case Study: Yorhealth

Yorhealth is the supplement company I personally have chosen to trust because it ticks all the boxes (above) that precisely need to be ticked in order for me to be able to purchase from a supplement company, and I will show you exactly how it manages to do just that so brilliantly:

#1: Customer Service Options

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You have here a minimum of 3 options available to contact the company.

  1. You can visit them in person (address)
  2. You can send them an email
  3. You can send them a fax
  4. And even phone them (for a refund request)

The company is very conscious of the different needs that different people have which is why it makes a real effort to attend to all of them and make it as easy as possible for any person to contact them. I can understand that the option of giving them a phone-call has to be restricted to refund requests; otherwise people would just start phoning them for every little problem.


#2: GMP Manufacturing

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This is a company, as they say it, stick to high quality manufacturing: “The raw materials are tested for potency, impurities and microbiological burden. If they pass they are sent from the processors to manufacturers. At the manufacturer, other tests are done including: potency testing, compliance with California Prop’ 65 standards, micro testing, and other specialty analysis. ”


#3: Professional Looking Website

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I think we can all agree that it looks like a well-designed website: strong and bright colors, high quality pictures, attractive photos, etc. But the secret is to make it all look not overly flashy and immature.

This website does it perfectly.

By the way if you want to make your website look classy, leave the background white or light grey. So many companies try to bombard your senses with overly ad-like anouncements, without realizing how cartoonish it actually looks.

This is suppose to be some serious business—you are giving someone a product that is intended to pass through that person’s stomach and intestins.

I prefer it when a supplement company’s website has a distinct scientific feel to it, which never fails to reassure me as I tend to be quite paranoid about things I have to ingest.


#4: Clinical Studies And Scientific Research

clinical studies, yorhealth, research, supplements, highest quality supplements on the market


The company here mentions two studies done on Carbogen and Aminogen that have been proven to boost health. The intention here is also to educate the public without it sounding overly boring or complicated to read for your average Joe.


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The listing of its references, studies done outside of the company’s control, to not only educate the wider audience but to show that the company has done its homework by searching other people’s and other companies’ conducted studies on the subject matter of health.


#5: Testimonials Of Highly Respected Professionals

testimonials, highest quality supplements on the market, best supplement brands

highest quality supplements on the market, testimonials, yorhealth, best supplement brands, what makes a great supplement company

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In this particular case, you’ve got athletes and a scientist saying the products are of high quality. It’s difficult to do much better than that. When you see testimonials of that kind of quality, you can rest assured that the products are having some kind of effect. There are many others, I’m just showing you a few of them.

But this is what it should look like.


#6: Scientists And Researchers On Board


highest quality supplements on the market

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Look for some incredible, or out-of-the-ordinary achievements in each of the scientists’ resume. That’s a good sign if the company has been able to attract that kind of quality to its ranks.

What’s particularly impressive here is that each and every one of them is at the top of their profession, which only reenforces the feeling that someone of that mold would only be willing to join a company that lives-up to the highest standard and offers one of the highest quality supplements on the market.

Personally I find it reassuring, because it’s always going to be hard to put your trust in someone else, even more so if that someone else is a company, as we’ve all been burned in our lives at least once, we’ve all been made to look a fool of ourselves

Nevertheless, I tend to say to myself that if top-notch professionals were actually willing to put their trust in a company, it must be good.


#7: Patent-Protected Formula

patent protected formula, nds, yorhealth, highest quality supplements on the market, best supplements on the market, best supplement brands, best supplement companies,

yorhealth, highest quality supplements on the market, best supplement brands, best supplement companies, best supplements, patent protected formula, nds, nutritional delivery system,


As no one’s enzyme building capacity is more challenged than the elderly, this specific enzyme formula (NDS) has been administered to some institutionalized elderly males and females over the age of 65 who were living in a nursing home at the time.

Health status ( body mass index, diet, and self-sufficiency, etc) were considered to be equal between the enzyme test group and the control group.

In the conclusion the study states:

the results of this study imply that the digestive enzyme complex is practical for improving nutritional status…


Nutritional status maintains the balance between the intake of nutrients and the expenditure of nutrients in the processes of growth, metabolism, and health maintenance.


#8: Member Of The Direct Selling Association

That year Yorhealth got to the final of the Ethos Awards. What does that mean? It’s an award the Direct Selling Association gives to newcomers who are rising stars, which is only won by the best up-and-coming companies obviously. It’s a very prestigious award indeed.

The aspects of a company that are evaluated in order to judge its level of stardom are the following:

  • Marketing & Sales Campaigns
  • Product Innovation
  • Salesforce Development
  • Technology Innovation
  • Vision for Tomorrow

Unfortunately the company didn’t win the final award, but it did end-up the number one rising-star in the whole health direct sales industry, which isn’t too bad might I add.


#9: Social Media

**Facebook Fan Page

highest quality supplements on the market, best supplement brands, best supplements on the market, best supplement companies, social media, yorhealth,

The rating on display is top-notch: 4.6/5 is pretty close to excellent in my book. Another thing that is pretty impressive is the amount of followers, which is fairly reasonable for a company that is only aproximately 6 years old: 14’338 likes.

Obviously if you visit the facebook fanpage of a supplement company that has on top of a bad rating not many followers, you should run for the hills. That brand is not worth taking a risk on.


**Twitter Page

the highest quality supplements on the market, best supplement brands, best supplement companies, best supplement on the market,

More than 5000 followers and more than 2000 likes on twitter.

By the way if a company—or any person with a twitter page—is following more people than it has followers, than there’s a big problem.

Usually this means that the company has to compensate for a lack of interest from other people by following “others” instead, not a good sign at all.


Note: If you’re interested in purchasing from Yorhealth, just register as a customer using my sponsor name: dawn90


Why You Should Be Careful About What Supplements You Decide To Ingest

The Journal Of Mass Spectrometry highlights several studies that have been done since the 90’s on supplement companies for contaminations and adulterations with doping substances.

An international study done in 2001 and 2002 on 634 companies showed that about 15% of the non-hormonal nutritional supplements were contaminated with anabolic-androgenic steroid.

The journal goes on to point out another disturbing fact:

Since 2002, also products intentionally faked with high amounts of ‘classic’ anabolic steroids such as metandienone, stanozolol, boldenone, dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone, oxandrolone etc. have been detected on the nutritional supplement market. These anabolic steroids were not declared on the labels either.


The following types of steroids most likely to be found in supplements are the following:



Supplement Companies Recommended By Experts

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is an organization dedicated in promoting and encouraging the the idea that for optimal health to be achieved in our society 3 things are essential:

  • To eat a nutrient-rich diet
  • Supplement correctly
  • Limit exposure to toxic substances

On the subject of quality supplement brands this is what they have to say:

we asked our trusted natural health doctors and integrative physicians about supplement brands they recommend. We then added to the list based on our staff and board experience.


And this is the list they have come up with (this is a short version of the list however, but still more than enough):



These are the companies to most likely have the highest quality supplements on the market today. If you feel overwhelmed by all this choice and still unsure which company is best for you, buy from Yorhealth.

They have some amazing and delicious products that are sure to satisfy you in every way possible, be it a digestive issue you’ve been having for years, or you want to lose weight, anything you want they have products for it and offer only the highest quality supplements on the market.

(sponsor name: dawn90)


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