How To Get Expressive Eyes?

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Why Is It Important To Have Attractive or Expressive Eyes?

#1: To Connect With People On An Intimate Level

The more your eyes are expressive and transmit emotion, the more people will be able to connect and relate to you on a human level. They say, after all, that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

I wouldn’t know about that, but it can’t be denied that people with big watery round eyes just convey the feeling that they’re putting their very soul out there more. There is an openness in these people that is very difficult not to warm up to.

That kind of openness, however, doesn’t happen a lot, at least not with strangers. The default position of most people is pretty much if-I-don’t-know-you-I’m-not-opening-up-to-you, which, ironically enough, makes it harder for the other person to open-up themselves.

Makes sense really, as neither one of them wants to get hurt and look like the fool.

Nevertheless, with time, with conversation, both parties will start letting their guard down and begin interchanging on a less superficial level. And, almost as often as not, a real and meaningful connection will start to emerge between two people who have mutually taken the risk to let for once their hearts speak for their mouths, instead of the other way around.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having bland and dull eyes. But the fact of the matter is that it’ll be that much harder to establish meaningful relationships with people. It’s really that important that you be able to express the full range of your emotions through your eyes, even if for now you might think otherwise.


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#2: Have An Attractive Face

When you ask people what makes a beautiful face, they invariably answer the eyes because that’s one of the first things you notice in an attractive face–in any face for that matter. Interacting with someone involves the mouth, of course, but on a more intimate level it also includes the eyes.

How much can you really know about someone just by looking at their eyes? You’d be surprised at how much. For a keen observer, the possibilities are endless.

We all know that person who probably isn’t a beauty-queen, in any aesthetic sense of the word at least, but who has those most amazing and soulful eyes you’ll ever see anywhere, and in your eyes (pun intended) and in everyone else’s she truly is the most beautiful girl of the night.


#3: Have A More Charismatic Face

What does it mean to be charismatic? In my view, it means someone who can connect with people and influence them in some profound and long lasting way. I am yet to meet a charismatic individual who didn’t have great eyes, not the color or the shape but the light that came out of them. Some people just have more of the shining light than others and certainly use it to their advantage in some cases–movie stars, leaders, singers, etc.


#4: Not Have To Use So Much Makeup

Okay, this one is more for the girls than for the men, obviously. I suspect anyway that most of you who will be reading this article will be more of the feminine gender, as opposed to the masculine. I’m not sure so many men, although it’s as important for them as it is for the ladies, will actually search in google “how to get attractive eyes.” 😆

I might be wrong on that one, who knows. The world has changed so much and so fast in recent years that you never know, hard to predict, but I doubt it very much.

Whatever the case may be, the ones who will be typing “how to get attractive eyes” in google and end-up here will find that there are much simpler ways to achieve the same results (or better) by just doing the following exercises, as there is no reason whatsoever to paint your face with crayons or with any other tool in order to look beautiful. Your face is absolutely amazing the way it is, and instead of trying to hide, camouflage, enhance artificially some traits while downplaying some other ones, you should be looking to add a more soulful quality to your eyes and ultimately your entire face, as we’ve established earlier that the eyes are so essential to an overall attractive face.


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Exercises To Get Expressive And Open Eyes

#1: Brow Bone Push

This exercise is also great for headaches, tired eyes and sinuses, as it effectively liberates the tension present around the third eye. People who frown a lot (I’m certainly at times guilty of that) often have a hard time looking directly at other people’s eyes, with their uninviting look making it almost impossible for others to establish a connection with them. Anyway, so this is how it goes:


  1. Sit upright in a comfortable chair.
  2. Let your head drop forward.
  3. In this position, place each thumb under the brow-bone and push upwards.
  4. You should feel a relaxing sensation around the third-eye region, definitely.
  5. To enhance the exercise just breathe normally through the mouth by focusing on the exhalation more, and say “ha,” accentuating on the “a” part and letting the sound go with the breath out. One important thing: you should try maintaining the sound as long as you’re able to. Results will come faster that way.



#2: The Eye-Roll

This one relaxes the tense muscles around the eyes extraordinarily well. You’ll look a bit silly doing the exercise though, but who really cares? As long as it serves its purpose and leaves you happier and more content as a human-being, you should be all for it.

Another interesting effect of this exercise is that it can even improve your eye-sight apparently, if you stay with it and do it consistently enough though—seems to be the prerequisite for any notable achievement anyway. Follow the method below and you should be just fine:


  1. Look with both eyes to the right
  2. Then roll them upwards
  3. Cross in the middle, then look downwards (you should see your nose)
  4. Roll your eyes to the left
  5. And continue rolling them upwards
  6. Come back down again
  7. etc…

Note: you should be forming an “8” with your eyes. To make the exercise even more powerful, just chant “a” from your chest, which will make it vibrate. The vibrations thus generated will help in dissolving the chronic tensions around your eyes at a much faster rate.


How To Implement Those Exercises On A Daily Basis?

Do it for 5 minutes, two times a day: once in the morning before going to work, and once in the middle of the afternoon.

Note: You don’t have to make the “a” sound particularly loud. I often do the exercises in one of my university’s bathrooms, and absolutely no one can hear me, because I do them so quietly. 






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