What Everyone is Saying About Healing Your Root Chakra Is Dead Wrong And Why

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What People Believe On How To Heal Chakras

Usually people think that there’s the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third-eye chakra, and the crown chakra, and they think they have to open them up in that particular order as well. I did too in the past, but not anymore.

They say the root chakra is the base chakra, the place where everyone stores their most primal and deepest emotions. It’s like the pressure-cooker of the whole chakra system really. The one you have to have open and balanced otherwise nothing else works. That’s how important I saw it at least: a solid foundation for you to work with; like if that wasn’t turned-on, you wouldn’t have enough energy to do anything.

Now whether that’s true or not doesn’t really matter, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but that’s all I hear in the spiritual circles.

The logic is that it’s called the 1st chakra because it’s the first one you should be dealing with, and ultimately try opening.

Without the proper grounding however you risk floating too much in your head, getting stuck in the clouds a bit. So sure you can open other chakras instead but the result might be a really unpleasant experience for you, not unpleasant in terms of sensations, but unpleasant in the sense that you won’t be able to do anything truly rooted (very important word) in reality. You won’t be able to get anything done is what I’m saying.

So beware.

Which Chakra To Open First?

My method of opening up the chakras doesn’t come through chanting, or using crystals or what-not, but it comes through stretching exercises. And while I was exploring my body, twisting and turning, trying to break as much tension as I could, I noticed that for some reason I couldn’t stretch my legs–anything from my pelvis down I couldn’t stretch. It just wouldn’t let go. And I tried everything: massage, various stretch exercises, meditation, etc, but nothing would work.

I was desperate.

My own experience has taught me to totally re-evaluate my beliefs on the subject (which aren’t really mine if you think about it). Sometimes we read things–especially in this day and age–things that other people have said, and we appropriate ourselves of their knowledge and pass it on as our own with no shame whatsoever.

Another thing that tends to disturb me greatly is that information these days is too readily available in my opinion. There’s just too much going-on all the time, which constantly makes it necessary to filter between the rubbish–and the useful and interesting. It’s hard though, because you only know it’s rubbish once you’ve tried it, and not all of us are discerning and honest enough to admit we’ve committed a mistake, and recognize that the whole thing is going absolutely nowhere. That it was a complete waste of time from the beginning. But we have our pride. We want to keep it intact. We want to give-off the illusion that we’re always in control and always know what we’re doing–when it’s in fact hardly ever the case, is it.

Lets face it: most of us improvise our lives on a daily basis. If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t be so stressed out all the time, depression rates wouldn’t reach such depressing figures (pun intended), and we wouldn’t be hanging-out with people we don’t even like.

So I decided to go out of my comfort-zone, explore, and see what happens.

I started out with the 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra) instead of the root chakra.

Instant results followed: I felt sick, straight to the bed it was for me. Two days I couldn’t move. It didn’t even feel that bad; it just felt peaceful. It was a combination between sick and peaceful I would say, very hard to describe, never felt anything like it. But there I was progressing spiritually. I know because I had read a couple weeks beforehand that this is what happened when you opened up a chakra: you get all these symptoms like the flu. Luckily, it goes away pretty quickly. Mine went away in 5 days I would say.

Anyway, with this experience, I now believe that you should start with the Sacral Chakra, go on to the third (first and second chakra to open), to the fourth, etc, until you finally get to the root chakra:


  1. Sacral Chakra
  2. Solar Plexus Chakra
  3. Heart Chakra
  4. Throat Chakra
  5. Third Eye Chakra
  6. Crown Chakra
  7. Root Chakra


This is the order in which you should try opening them, not because it’s my preference, but because the body wants it this way. The harder, stronger energies to handle are in the root chakra so it makes sense to have the other 6 chakras open and functioning correctly before you can even hope to handle the volcanic energies of the root chakra.

If the upper-body isn’t loose enough, the legs will be stiff like a block of wood.

Note: Remember that the lower body is the house of the root chakra. Stiff legs means repression.

In severe cases, you’ll actually even feel like you’re walking on giant wooden sticks that your body just stops below your waist.. The sensations in your legs will be absolutely minimal.

Actually, I would even say that the legs are a representation of how close-to-ready your upper-body is for the next level.

Listen, your legs are stiff for a reason–they’re this way to protect you, to hide from you the power that you possess, to hide from you the truth: that lies within you the ability to create, and to destroy.

You have to be ready for that kind of intensity. Being a captain-good-guy is only going to get you so far in life. Either you can take it, or you can’t. But in some capacity this energy will always be there, lurking, trying to find some angle and influencing you in ways you know nothing about.

This video by Sadhguru explains how only through anger (intensity) is transcendence possible.


Why Don’t People See The Healing Of The Root Chakra As The Pinnacle Of Their Spiritual Journey?

For me, the higher chakra is the one that provides the greatest challenge. And as a society, we typically fear our dark and primal energies the most.

So-called higher, purer aspects of life are readily accepted in our culture. You know why? Because it makes everyone peaceful and comfortable.

People, especially with the new wave of humanism getting so popular nowadays, are desperate to connect with their higher-selves, which effectively translates into “I want to be more good.” There is the notion, the belief, that if we somehow managed to all become saints we would live in a perfect world without suffering. Makes sense, as there would be no more conflicts and we would be living in an idealic world . However, to that I say, keep dreaming.

That’ll never happen.

You don’t have peace by killing a part of yourself off; you have peace by accepting all aspects of yourself without judgement, and giving each of them the proper attention, love, and acceptance, and the liberty to blossom gracefully like a great big tree in the amazonian rainforest.

No matter how uncomfortable, no matter how distasteful it may become for you, know one thing for sure: you cannot suppress life itself.

Eventually it’ll catch-up with you, and that day you will pay for your treason.


A New Way Of Seeing And Clearing The Root Chakra

The more you progress spiritually, the more it gets intense.

Ultimately you prepare your body for a greater intensity, right?.

A greater intensity means what exactly? It means you’ll have to contain and master a greater life-force.

You will know a greater dimension of life.

So what’s more intense than handling rage and anger? Both tend to be viewed as something to be avoided though, as something that can only drive you down the wrong path in life.

Well, that may be the case at times, certainly. But is water evil for occasionally creating floods? No, of course not, just build a river that can contain all of this water.

Everyone wants to live great experiences and do oh-so-many things. But how many of us can really take all that we do on a totally emotional level? We can’t do it, can we. It’s far too much.

So we compensate by going from one thing to another like a bee looking for honey, without really experiencing anything on a deeper level, for fear of losing our minds–with good reason might I add. If you’re not ready, oh my god don’t do it. You’ll break yourself and end-up as a patient in a mental institution.

Just start by opening all the other chakras first. And only then, once you’re ready, take-on the big fish: the root chakra.

Become the container that can handle a tsunami–and you’ll be well on your path to healing your root chakra.


Exercises In Order To Get To Healing Your Root Chakra

Step #1: Sacral Chakra Healing


Step #2: Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

  • I haven’t written an article about it yet, but I do know how to open it–just lie down on a small basketball or a soccer ball and place it on top of your solar plexus region, and move around in that position, lying down on it.
  • Then when that gets too easy, place your solar plexus on top of a kettlebell handle and just lie there.



Step #3: Heart Chakra Healing

  1. Hand Stretch
  2. Shoulder stretch
  3. Upper-back stretch
  4. Pectoral Stretch


Step #4: Throat Chakra Healing

Step #5: Third Eye Chakra Healing

If you do it right, you should feel a pull right behind your eyes.

Step #6 Crown Chakra Healing

While stretching, twist the head to the left and to the right to increase the intensity of the exercise on certain areas of your neck.


Steps #7 Root Chakra Healing


Everyday Plan For Opening The Seven Chakras

The exercises above are actually steps you need to follow, so don’t skip any of them please.

Let’s say your trying to open your heart chakra. For that to happen you need to do the corresponding exercises until you feel bored doing them.

Boredom is a signal that you should stop doing what you’re doing immediately. It’s not a defect; it’s a blessing. Listen to your body, and give-up now before you feel like giving-up forever.

The reason this is important is because if you associate these exercises with frustration, then it’ll be that much harder to keep doing them in the long run. Mentally, you won’t be able to anyway. Human-beings are creatures attracted to pleasure, not pain. It’s important to keep the journey as pleasant as possible in order to guarantee that you’ll reach your destination.

However, once you feel a hint of boredom, or frustration, or even depression or anger, you need to stop. The body is warning you to stop or things are going to get pretty ugly pretty quickly. It’s not going to change its mind either so you better listen to it.

At that particular time, your organism will be in dire need of a re-fuel, of a little lift to not go into total meltdown.

So in light of that, this is what you need to do: ground yourself.


Grounding is the key to bioenergetic work and it is related to breathing. Being grounded is another way of saying that a person is down to earth. It can also be used to indicate that a person knows where he/she is, and therefore who he/she is: when a person has his/her feet on the ground, there is contact with the foundations of his/her existence.


Grounding will boost your vitality and your confidence. Here’s Elliot Hulse explaining how he does it:

You might think to yourself: what does that have to do with anything? Well, I’ll explain it to you. It’s really simple. Stretching, in general, sort of lowers your vitality. If you do a little bit, you won’t notice anything special. But if you spend a whole afternoon stretching and breaking-up tension in the body, you’ll feel a bit drained, not in a horrible way though, but just in a way that makes you not want to do anything, like a monk in a monastery.

Paradoxically, when in this state, the breaking-up of tension is a lot harder. For this reason, regularly filling the body with energy by bioenergising yourself is extremely important to keep the body alive.

So to keep progressing at a steady rate, you’ll have to alternate between grounding exercises (bioenergetics) and stretching exercises; otherwise you might run into some bumps along the road.

Energy in your body makes the fibers and muscles more pliable, as they’ll be more likely to accept any type of stretching done to them.

Can you stretch a block of wood? No you can’t.

If you take away anything from this article, let it be the above sentence.

Okay, I leave you guys with this final sentence, and if you need my help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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