My Journey Into Bioenergetics (part 5)

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Strong Sensations

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There’s been massive improvement. And that’s not just my opinion. My therapist assures me I’m progressing at the speed of light. Okay, she didn’t exactly say it like that; but I read between the lines. It’s not my imagination…I know.

The reason I know is because, like I said in my previous post, I have felt strong, powerfull sensations…like someone pouring hot water into my chest. It turns out, that this sensation of warmth is associated with compassion—I was asked by my therapist how I’d been feeling for these past couple of days, the time we hadn’t seen each other, the time between two sessions (that would be one week, we see each other pretty regularly); and I responded that, I’d been walking around with this…sensation, this warm, intense, slightly uncomfortable…feeling inside. I could feel it…consuming…my insides, this fantastic brigth energy.

It was overwhelming at times. It was like an earthquake, shattering my chest. It was like a volcano: at first the pressure builds and as it gets too strong to contain, it erupts into a massive explosion destroying everything in its path. My experience felt similar, except that it felt right—an energetic massage and the feeling of renewal, to destroy…and rebuild, but even better. See what I mean?

I Got A Weird Reaction

It’s been a great ride. I could sense, I sensed, that things were going to change for the better. From that point, things have only gotten better. Now my throat’s telling me something’s going on. I’m much more conscious of the breath. I can feel it going up my throat. I feel the energy. It’s like being sick: I started having itching, crawling sensations on my body. At first, I thought it might’ve been the meat I ate yesterday—but now, I’m not so sure.

I looked it up on the internet…the symptoms. Apparently this is a normal reaction when you start waking-up your kundalini. A whole bunch of things start happening.

The Third Chakra And Its Power

I believe now, in the chakras, the chakra system, the existence of the seven chakras. I’ve been working on the third: the solar plexus chakra. it’s located between the navel and the sternum. When you punch someone there, it hurts…it’s a very sensitive area, you activate their gag-reflex, the person can actually vomit depending on where you hit, how strong the punch was, and whether or not that individual was ready for it.

It’s very easy to find. You…cannot…not find it. It’s just a few centimetres above the belly-button. Once I’d found it, I placed a football on it and aplied pressure on the ball by laying on it…where the sensitive spot I’m talking about was (the third chakra).

I thought I was going to vomit; It was that bad. It didn’t hurt as much as it was unpleasent. You just get the feeling that you’re going to puke, which no one likes. I stopped myself the first time I can’t take this; this is too intense. I got up, took a few deep breaths trying to get some relief from this.

I had shooting energy waves going up my chest, up my throat, and into my head. I felt the insides of my head tightening. It was pretty painful. I said to myself, this better get better soon. It got worse. I couldn’t do anything all day; because I was so tired.

As I’m writting this article, I notice I’m starting to adapt to my new “state of being”. I think that my body just has got to get used to the new energy levels. At first, comes great exhaustion…then adaptation.

Game Plan

When I get better, I’ll probably resume my “training”, finish off my third chakra, that’s what I must do—and then on to the fourth. I’m getting closer. Victory is assured. I can almost taste it now. Second chakra and Third Chakra are officially open (third, not completely).

I started doing a a new exercise my therapist gave me. I’d had never heard—or read—about this one. It’s a pretty straighforward exercise: you fold your knees slightly (you’re on your two feet); then, you take a deep breath; and while you’re doing that you lower yourself by folding your knees even more, as much as you can, and get back up again…while exhaling. If you do it right, you should start trembling. . 




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