Supreme Lat Stretch – Functional Strength

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Why Stretch The Lats?

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  • Posture
  • Athleticism
  • Self-confidence

I wanted to take care of my rounded shoulders. They used to slump forward. It didn’t look good. Naturally, I stretched and massaged my shoulders. I worked with my back. I worked with my chest.

But still it wasn’t enough! I had this permanent “loser…forward-shoulders look”. I had to get rid of it. Aesthetics, self-confidence, better athletic performance: those were my reasons to fix this problem, fast.

Bioenergetics When You Feel Stuck

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  • Energizes You
  • Helps You Calm Your Mind

But what was there left to do? I had tried everything. Nothing was left to try. I had no more ideas. My mind was blank. And it wasn’t going to change or produce something useful for a while. I just knew it. In these moments all there is left to do, the wise thing to do, is to take a break–and so I did.

Bioenergetics did the trick for me. The bow and the ground-reach: these two exercises helped me energize myself (I’ll make a post someday about this). Basically, the bow makes your energy, your vital energy, rise up your body.

And the ground-reach exercise is a grounding exercise that “grounds” your energy back to the earth. It pulls it back down again, to the feet, the earth–the ground (hence the name).

The combination (alternating) between those two Bioenergetic-exercises will help the energy circulate in your body better.

Okay, this was a little bioenergetic parentisis for people interested.

So I did that, and Hurray…it worked. I remembered I had forgotten the all important lats. When the lats are tight, they pull your shoulders down, and forward giving you a slumpy-look or…depressed look, whichever your preference.

It’s easy to forget them because, they’re sort of hidden, to the side, minding their own business, hidden by the arm. An almost abandoned muscle–timid really.

How To Break Tension And Stretch The Lats?

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  1. Massage
  2. Stretch

First things first, I lay on the floor with a baseball, put the ball under my armpit and just started to roll the ball along the line of the armpit. Massage the whole muscle–not just the armpit–but all along the back.

The lats are a big muscle. They go from the armpit all the way down to the lower-back, almost. In case it is too painful for you, don’t hesitate to use a softer tool (e.g: foam-roller). There is no reason you should suffer.

My lats got softer. I grabbed my resistance-band that I had dropped on the floor, already knowing I was going to us it just after this exercise. I fixed it in the upper-part of my door. I pulled the band away from the door that I had wrapped around  my hand, right hand in this case since I wanted to stretch my right lat. I pulled it till it got tight.

The band was well stretched; and I had stretched the band well. All was in place. I maintained my right arm extended forward and bent my upper-body also forward…until it was parallel to the floor. My body was now, bent 90 degrees at the waist.

I stretched and stretched, I pulled and pulled…twisted in all sorts of directions to get all of the muscle until I was satisfied–and I was.

I haven’t got much to say anymore. Probably the videos are a lot better than I at explaining things 😥

I know that the massage and the stretch I just mentioned will be enough to fix your lats. That I can assure you. There’s no doubt in my mind, at all. I wrote this post hoping it would help you people out there, the internet world have an efficient and effective method for stretching the lats. I think I did that. You tell me.


Here are the exercises (videos):


Lat Stretch

Lat massage (lacrosse ball)

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