Sublime Neck Stretches – Functional Strength

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The Neck riddled With Chronic-Tensions

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  • Desire To Maintain Control
  • Inability To Let Go (the head)

The neck is a painful body-part. It’s really sensitive. I massaged it; and I was screaming for my life afterwards. It was that bad. Never doing that again. Why is it so horrible? It’s not just the neck in itself…if only.

Chronic tension, anywhere, tends to “travel” to other parts of the body. That was my experience working with the neck muscles. I had a lot of trigger-points: sensitive, long-lasting, extremely painful spots on the body.

When you press on them, or massage them, or…touch them in any meaningful way, you are going to experience what I like to call: referral-pain. Or if you prefer, a pain that travels, is traveling through the body and affects, in a painful way, another body-part. You don’t feel the pain just at the place you’re pressing, it travels.

The eyes, the brain (as it feels), the shoulders, the back are just a few of the places where the pain could go. Once, I felt a stretch in the eye, behind the eye. It was pulling something on the back of my eye, inside, gosh it hurt. It was really painful! I can tell you that.

Staying in that position was impossible for long. The stretch gave me a sensation that, was too intense to sustain forever–I let go. My eye wasn’t going to pop out or anything; it’s just that it hurt bad. I had to abandon the “mission” so to speak.

Flexible Neck = Strong Mind

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  • Tight Neck Leads To Tightness Inside Your Head
  • More Energy Inside The Head

There is a way to stretch the brain. I know the brain isn’t a muscle but; that’s how it feels. I have a problem, you see.My head gets sometimes flooded with energy. I feel overwhelmed. I start to dissociate.

This is an issue because, when you start to dissociate you can’t think right; you lose concentration; you don’t feel master of your own body; you dissociate from your emotions; you’re no longer in touch with your own body. Not by choice, of course, it just happens. It doesn’t ask your permission. It’s invasive and pervasive.

Raw life force does not recognise taboos or rules. It is gutsy, and shoots from the pit of the belly like a plant shoots from the earth. And if you’re not ready, than, that’s too bad because it’s coming anyway. So what you need–when that happens–is to be ready. It’s going to happen, no way to stop it.

There’s no alternative because…life as it is will challenge your resolve and test you. We experience our strongest emotions in contact with others, not by ourselves.

And unless you live a completely sedentary and lonely life, you’re going to have to deal with life’s raw aspects, raw energy–emotions; especially those primal emotions that we keep buried…affraid of its power, its force to destroy, in the sense of…challenging beliefs maybe, not necessarily things but; beliefs that keep us trapped in an illusion and undermine our creativity and sense of possibility–a cage; but one that has invisible bars and imagined guards; walls that don’t exist…except in our minds.

The Neck Is The Bridge Between Two Worlds

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  • The Mind And The Body
  • Mental-Self And Emotional-Self

What does that got to do with the neck? The neck is the intersection between the head and the body. It is the passage-way between a world of reason and thought, and a world of passion and impulses. In other words, it is a gateway, a bridge…a link between two universes that have ceased to acknowledge each-other.

Two friends that used to be close who no longer speak to each other, no longer understand each other, but, still keep an eye on what the other is doing, at a distance. It’s the “I need you and you need me; but I don’t have the heart to say anything so I’ll pretend I hate you” kind of thing.

The neck is one of the last fortresses you have to destroy in order to get a unified body, unify two halves: the rational-self (head), and emotional-self (body). 

How To Break-up Tension In The Neck?

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  1. Massage With Kettlebell
  2. Stretch
  3. And Repeat

Again, like I always say–massage and stretch. It’s no different with the neck. You’re thinking: “How do I do that? I can’t do it with a ball, so how?” Use a kettlebell, the handle. Use the handle of the kettlebell to massage the neck muscles!

Drop your neck on it (the kettlebell is on the floor) and break up that tension. Back, front, side of neck, etc: massage all of it. Then, when you’ve finished with that (2 minutes minimum) do the following stretches, in the video below. 

Neck Stretch Scalenes

Jaw-Neck Sequence

Neck Flexion And Extension


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