Terrific Hand Stretches – Functional Strength

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Why Would You Even Think Of Stretching Your Hands?

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  • Unlocks The Shoulders And The Neck

“Stretching my hands?! What the hell! Why would I bother doing that?” I thought. The hands just don’t seem that important. I saw my arms and hands as almost, not part of my body, my main body.

They’re just hanging there, by my side. I didn’t see how they could affect anything. It seemed unimportant, trivial to even bother with my hands–more important body-parts where waiting for my attention and to be worked with. I couldn’t waste time on petty things.

The neck, shoulders, upper-back, pectorals, abdomen, lower-back, and legs: those were in my sight.

But what happened was that, I had stretched all the muscles that I could possibly stretch, up to where I felt they wouldn’t let go anymore, impossible to lengthen further. (you can’t stretch any body-part when you want to; it doesn’t work that way; otherwise, stretching would be really easy). And the only area I hadn’t put my attention to yet, were the hands. 

The hands opened up my shoulders: that’s the story. I felt pulling-sensations all across my arm…up to my shoulder–and even my neck. Again, everything is connected. Nothing works independently.

Lesson Learned

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  • Be Comfortable Not Knowing
  • Do Not Fear Trying And Failing

That was a good lesson for me. Even though the same pattern, the same problems, the same difficulties, always emerged; I did not learn! I was too stubborn. What am I talking about? The lesson I didn’t learn, that I continually failed to learn…was:

Don’t have preexisting beliefs; you don’t know everything; you don’t know what is important, or what is not. The “will” that gave life to your body is much more intelligent than you. If you go into unknown territory, you have to be willing to say: “I don’t know anything”; It’s the only way to learn–by experience, by trying and failing, by falling down and getting back up again (metaphorically).

Your knowledge stops where you don’t understand anymore. Your present understanding is limited to your current knowledge. To understand new things, you need new knowledge, which precisely you haven’t got. So trust the process, trust yourself…even when you’re going blindfolded, believe.

The hands were important after all. There are a bunch of things you can do with them, stretch them in many ways (I’ll put a video like always). The activity consists of working different parts of the hand: fingers (different joints), the wrist, palm of hand, and the whole hand.

It will feel very liberating because, again, we don’t realize how tight an area is until we’ve actually stretched it, or massaged it. Surprisingly, or maybe not, your grip strength will improve, become stronger…two-finger push-ups for sure 😆 . You’ll also have better control of your hand muscles–your hand.

What To Do?

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  1. Massage With Ball
  2. Stretch
  3. And Repeat

Spend a good amount of time on this task; it takes time. What I used to do was to place a baseball on the floor, press my open palm on the ball, and massage. I did that just before stretching; that gave me the best results.

Something that is good to know, is that…breaking tension in the abdomen firstis going to make it much easier afterwards to stretch the hands and fingers.

The abdominal…area seems to be some kind of center for all tension in the body, where it originates from.

The diaphragm is located there; that may be it–when there is tension in the in diaphragm, it makes it hard, or impossible, to breathe fully and deeply; controlling the breath is the main tool for controlling ones emotions; the body receives less oxygen, and starts literally to lose its vitality and vibrance…slowly dying.  

The stretches also work the forearms–I just remembered–very important indeed. I didn’t have to massage my forearms though; that’s one part of my body I never had to stretch, or anything like that. I wonder why…I don’t know. 

Here are the exercises:





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