Number One Hip Flexor Solution – Functional Strength

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My Method Vs Yoga Class

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  • Pain is inevitable

I have to say, that, almost all the stretches I recommend come from a man called: Kit Laughlin. He is a stretch expert, and I find all of his stretches to be fantastic.

The problem with yoga though (a class) as a solution, is that: if you don’t already have a pretty good flexibility, it’s going to be difficult to progress substantially.

Another thing is, that: in a yoga-class it is expected that you will spend a good time; in the sense that, the whole experience is going to be relaxing, total bliss in other words; however, the reality is that if you are serious about becoming more flexible, you have to experience pain.

It’s not exactly that you have to experience pain, it’s more that–you cannot avoid it if you’re going to break up tissue, change the structure of your body, etc.

Why Stretch Hip Flexors?

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  • Posture Problems (anterior or posterior pelvic-tilt)

The hip flexors have a big influence on how your pelvis is positioned; if it is tilted forward (anterior pelvic tilt) or if it’s tilted backwards (posterior pelvic tilt). I am not going to dwell on what those are, instead, I will put a link to another website; it’s easier that way.

The hip flexors can be long and tight, or short and tight; so in either case, it’s a good idea to stretch them. Almost everyone has some issues with their hip flexors, not to mention, their posture in general–for example, one of the classic culprits in our society for this epidemic of short and tight hip flexors is the fact that: people nowadays spend way too much time seated on their desk.

This position forces the hip flexors to shorten; and if you stay like that all day–or most of the day–your hip flexors will remain short and tight all the time; thus, becoming a chronic condition.

Imaging if that has been most of your life. The effort to break up that tension will require pretty ‘extreme’ means.

Don’t worry, it’s not actually that bad. I’m just scaring you guys now. ­čść

What To Do About It?

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  1. Massage With Baseball
  2. Stretch
  3. And Repeat 

The first thing I want you to do (if you don’t already have one) go in a sports-shop or something, and ask for a baseball or any hardball of similar size. Get back home. Lock yourself in a quiet room; and give yourself…let’s say 15 minutes, alone–to start with.

Drop the ball on the floor. Place the hip on the ball, and explore the whole region by applying pressure on it. You will notice some parts are more tense than others (it will hurt).

Massage the painful spots more thouroughly; these are the points of chronic tension. You have to get rid of them at all cost or else you won’t make much progress.

Each massage should last for at least 2 minutes; that is the minimum required if you trust the so-called experts on trigger-points and chronic-tension.

After that, get back up. Loosen your hip by moving it around a bit to relax. Now, here is the good part–I know it hurt until now–you will do any of the following exercises for, again, a minimum of 2 minutes although I have heard that you could go up to 5 minutes (maybe not the first time though, be careful; know your limit).

Here they are (I tried to put them in order of difficulty):

Wall Quadriceps-Hip Flexor Stretch

Solo Hip Flexor Stretch (stronger stretch, in my opinion)




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