Journey Into Bioenergetics Part 3 – Emotional Strength

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Energy Rushing In My Head

Energy Rushing In Head - Emotional Strength

  • Energy Block In Upper Back
  • Link With Diaphragm

This is the first time that I’ve felt–at last–energy going into my head; to be precise, I feel my face changing, especially the eyes and mouth. Like I said in a previous post, if I recall well, or maybe not, one of the issues I’ve been having in Bioenergetic therapy (my therapist pointed it out) was: that, when you do the exercises, the energy is supposed to travel from the feet, up the back, and finally down the front; in my case, the problem was: that, the energy didn’t reach the head because of an apparent block in the upper back area–there was too much tension, thus, not enough mobility for the energy to pass through; at least, that’s how I understand it.

Something interesting happened…when I was working on my diaphragm and abdominal region (article about breaking tension in the diaphragm is in a previous post) I noticed that the abdominal area was some sort of epicentre; working there, I felt sensations all over the body, and, you maybe guessed it by now, but, yes even in the upper-back, where the energy-block was.

Note: I work on my flexibility (functional strength) and, at the same time, I do Bioenergetics (emotional and spiritual strength). Why is that? Well, an inflexible body is the hallmark of a low energy person, and a low energy person usually has poor flexibility, so, you put those two ideas together, and it makes sense why you should work on both; the two are related; they act upon each other.

Anyway, my upper-back has started to become less tense, not to mention my whole body, and oh what a miracle I feel energy going through my face now, and all over my head, inside it as well; just a whole new sensation I never had before, it was great!

Start Your Flexibility Work On Your Diaphragm/Abdominal Area

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  • Suppresion of breath is how repression starts

Wilhelm Reich–Pioneer in body/mind therapy–once said, that, the first way a person suppresses his emotions is by diminishing his breathing, by making it more shallow, as opposed to a deep, diaphragmatic breathing. With that in mind, it makes sense that, one of the first places of tension in the body is going to be the diaphragm and the whole abdominal area.

It all starts with the breath, that’s how all energetic disturbances and flexibility issues in the body begin–it’s the epicentre of the whole thing.


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  • Diaphragm And The Abdominal Area Key To Any Bodywork

I discovered–no, better said–I have cemented my belief (for now), that, the stomach region is one hell of an important place to put your attention to.

I am convinced, that, the breaking of “tension in the body” goes in steps; the body has its own logic; you cannot reinvent the body, and the first step to unlocking its potential: is by working the abdominal area and the diaphragm.


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