Journey Into Bioenergetics (part 2) – Emotional Strength

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How Am I feeling?

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  • Like Walking Now
  • Stronger Legs

I am feeling pretty optimistic for some strange reason because everyday the sensations I get become stronger. I can definitely say that my legs feel stronger and I just have a better sense of being grounded to the earth.

I just got a whole new set of exercises from my therapist to increase the feeling in my lower body, I’m very excited, just did them right now actually. 😀

I never used to like walks or anything like that but I have surprised myself a few times going late at night and wandering around, nowhere to go in particular, just wanting to exercise my lower body in a non neurotic way but as something enjoyable. Never thought walking could be so awesome.

My therapist has also told me to try to stay conscious of what I’m feeling every 3 hours, to practice staying connected to my emotions.

I feel it will be a long road but also a worthwhile road. In my case the head is too detached from the body.

The key is to understand that the head and the body are separated and united at the same time in the sense that you have your thoughts (head) and emotions (body), one influences the other and vice versa.

What you think should change what you feel and what you feel should change what you think and that comes when integrating these two poles together, if you will, while still acknowledging that they are different.

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