Eat Like A Diabetic – Functional Strength

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What’s Eating Like A Diabetic?

Diabetics basically have insulin problems and they can’t eat sugar or too many carbs in general because that can spike up their insulin levels too much and they can then develop insulin resistance which brings its host of problems.

So Why Eat Like A Diabetic?

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  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity


Diabetics have to avoid certain foods to improve their absorption of nutrients. The less nutrients you can absorb the more tired and weak you will be, that applies to anyone not just diabetics.

By improving your insulin sensitivity (absorption capacity) you will improve your body just because it has more of the nutrients it needs to function during the day. Does that make sense? 😉 

If you are dedicated in making yourself the best entrepreneur possible you’ll need all the energy you can get.


What Do I Do Now?

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So here’s the plan! It’s very very simple. If you’re an actual diabetic it might not be for you but that’s what I did to increase my energy levels.

Giving up bad habits can be really tough at the beginning, especially if they are habits that you’ve been doing all of your life, so here’s what I’ve done that has helped me greatly:


  • During the week I avoided 6 foods (carbs) : bread (and anything with bread, example=Pizza), pasta, junk food, rice, fruit juice, candy and chocolate.
  • During the week I also increased my intake of healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts, olives)
  • On weekends I ate whatever I liked, all the bad stuff without thinking about anything, Saturday and Sunday were my cheat days.


What I discovered is that healthy fats give you a sustained energy supply instead of the spike that carbs give you. If you eat this way during 5 days of the week, your body will adapt and use fats as its primary energy source instead of carbs.

Having cheat days as the name implies it is to help you keep going with this diet. You have to be nice to yourself, you have to enjoy the process or else you’ll give up. Willpower is overhyped. YOU WILL GIVE UP!

Unless you are a totally neurotic person. If you eat right during these 5 days you WON’T gain fat during the 2 day break. Your body will have become a fat burning machine because of a metabolic shift at the beginning of the diet and start to burn fat as its primary source of energy.


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  • Build Muscle And Stay Lean

You will have more energy during the day, you will stay lean and cut and build muscle mass all at the same time. This diet is great if you want to have energy and look great which I think is always beneficial if you want to be an entrepreneur.



The healthier your body is, the easier it will be to get it to do stuff. The easier it is to move the easier it will be to access your creative energy and thus becoming a successful entrepreneur.




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