Best Stretch For Lower Back – Functional Strength

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Why Does So Much Tension Accumulate In The Lower Back?

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  • The Way We Sit
  • Compensates For Other Muscles

The lower back is easily loaded with tension because we don’t sit properly, we have poor posture and the back has to compensate for the ineffectiveness of other muscle groups.

Then you end up with chronic muscle tension. You won’t necessarily feel pain, I didn’t, but you’ll end up with muscle restrictions and reduced athletic performance.

Without functional strength your creative force will be reduced thus affecting your entrepreneurial spirit.

I have found that it’s really hard to find a good back stretch exercise. I had a lot of trouble finding one strong enough that really could rid me of this tension that has bothered me my whole life. So here is the one I found. It’s from a guy named Kit Laughlin, he’s a stretch expert apparently:


I promise you this is by far the best lower back stretch you’ll EVER find!!! Highly recommend it, nothing else worked for me.



Lower back flexibility is part of the functional strength layer and therefore important for moving, moving literally and figuratively in the world. That’s what is an entrepreneur, a creative force.

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