Why Is Emotional Strength Important? – Key Points

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What Do I Mean By Emotional Strength?

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For me emotional strength means being able to let life move you. Now what does that mean?

It means letting the energy of life move you spontaneously into one direction.

Not suppressing it but letting it flow through you and giving it expression.

Let me give you one example: Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best footballers on planet earth if not the best, has become over the years more muscular and powerful.

He used to be skinnier when he was playing at Manchester united but he was also a lot more unpredictable back then, there was like a spontaneous quality to his game.

Granted he has become a goal machine but his skills are less effective and he has lost his ability to glide past players, it’s all strength and power now  which is very effective but my point is that

it’s arguably less entertaining to watch him play at this time.

His body is built for football and that’s what he does but he has lost his flexibility.

The athleticism he has gained represents his willpower which has crushed part of the spontaneous magic he had and in effect his creative force.

Watch the young Cristiano below:


It seems to me that to be an entrepreneur you absolutely have to be flexible, creative and innovative. So here I present to you two ideas:

Range of motion:

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To move spontaneously you have to be able to move at all and not just move but move in a full range of motion. In a earlier post I talked about posture.

What I didn’t tell you is that bad posture restricts joint movement.

For example if your head is slouched forward, it will be difficult for you to bend your head backwards because of a limited range of motion in the neck.

So with the help of mobility exercises you can retrieve full range of motion, movement in all directions.

The less the restriction the better the chance of you moving spontaneously (emotional strength).

Spontaneous Movement Is The Key:

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There’s one therapy I would like to try when I’m ready and it’s called Bioenergetics.

After I become a psychologist I’m going to become a Bioenergetic therapist so naturally I would recommend it.

It’s a therapy that teaches you to be more spontaneous, among other things.

There are several exercises that help to ground you aswell, the final goal is for you to feel your body more. Be more alive and vibrant.

Your body makes a lot of micro movements all the time without you even noticing it but in our head oriented culture we tend to privilege the mind and intellect and feeling is the last thing that enters the picture.

Your joints become stiff and frozen and end up being unable to move freely and spontaneously.

Self expression is lost. Bioenergetics helps to counter that effect and achieve emotional strength.

Note: Bioenergetics is just my recommendation, I’m sure any body therapy will do.



Spontaneous movement is the same thing as emotional strength and it is the second layer that is the key in unlocking your creative force/energy which I believe is the basis of any successful entrepreneur. Lets make it happen together.



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