Functional Strength: 4 key points

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What is functional strength?

  • Ability To Move Freely

Functional strength is the first layer of the three layers we will be talking about. An athlete has a functional body. He has a body that can attain a high level of performance, it is an efficient body. Some keywords for functional strength would be:

1. Posture

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Posture isn’t important just for esthetics, it’s the result of good flexibility and good body mechanics.

Imagine a house with all the bricks not perfectly aligned and under each other.

That house would probably collapse real easy and end up in the ground as a big pile because you didn’t give it stability, you made the foundations weak.

When your body is correctly in place the nervous system can function at optimal levels, otherwise communication between your brain and your body might be restricted.

Anyone who has had posture problems and managed to fix them will testify that they felt a better control of their body, just a greater ability to move more easily, a sense that the time between thinking of doing something and actually doing it has been dramatically shortened.

If you want to have a busy life like an entrepreneur than that is essential.



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If you don’t eat the proper foods it’s going to manifest itself in your performance, energy levels, motivation, bowel movements etc…I could go on.

It’s important to have a balanced diet. If your muscles don’t receive the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals how can you expect it to move and function efficiently.

No food is really bad, it’s just that we abuse certain types of foods and that makes us vulnerable.

The type of foods that are the most consumed  are the ones that get rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. White bread, pasta, pizza, sweets, white rice, fast food etc…

Those are foods that give you a sort of high, a lot of energy but then you will experience a crash and your energy levels will drop even lower. Apart from that those are the foods that make you fat.

So by consuming massive amounts of these foods you are sure to finish fat and sluggish for the rest of your life.

Your body needs stable energy to function the WHOLE day. Without proper fuel your body isn’t going to want to move.


Fitness Levels

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You don’t need to be an athlete but you should have some strength. What we want is not to be especially big or even strong what is most important is to have a balanced body.

We want everything in proportion to keep your body effective in moving in all directions and generating different tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be huge or skinny, if you’re a man or a woman or whatever, you will eventually pay the price for having an unbalanced physique in the form of muscle aches, injuries, bad posture and much more.

It’s functional strength we want. You noticed perhaps I said “bad posture”, everything is interdependent meaning that if you lack something in one of these points it will have a global effect and the rest will suffer aswell.

Bad nutrition can affect posture, an unbalanced physique can affect nutrient absorption, and there are other examples like this that I won’t mention here.

Good fitness levels will give you functional strength which will in turn increase your ability to move.


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Sleep is incredibly important because this is when you recuperate after a hard day. It may seem obvious but a lot of us suffer from insomnia, sometimes without realizing it.

When you have spent your whole life sleeping badly how would you know the difference between poor sleep and regenerative or deep sleep.

A lot of us are walking like zombies on the streets and at our jobs. We do that the whole day, feeling drained and fatigued but because it’s so normal and common we seldom do something about it.

I will be talking about this more in detail in other posts but the key here is not to try to sleep more, you’re not lacking HOURS of sleep, you are lacking QUALITY of sleep.

That’s the difference. What we typically do is try to go to bed earlier when we are tired but sleep isn’t about being tired it’s about being sleepy.

I’m sure all of you have experienced this, being extremely tired and still being unable to fall asleep. When it is so, you won’t be able to move and do the things you have to do especially if you’re an entrepreneur.



The quality of your nutrition, sleep, fitness levels and your posture will all affect each other.

Those elements will determine your functional strength, otherwise said, your ability to move freely and that in turn , my friends, is going to affect your ability to summon your creative energy, the force that permits you to do things and become  to move not only  to be an entrepreneur.






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  1. Functional strength is sooooo important if I wouldve known I could have prevented a lot of injuries, most injuries for people working out are due to muscle imbalances.

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