Be The Creative Force You Were Meant To Be

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To make things clear for everyone this blog is about the steps that I think anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, me included, should take. I’m not saying that because I think I am one yet but because I aspire to become one.

I have analyzed the situation and it is my belief that the main thing that impedes regular people from taking control of their lives and  being an entrepreneur is the lack of creative force.

What I mean by that, and I can draw from my own situation, is that passion is the main driving force behind any big project and what I notice about a lot of us is that the creative force seems to be a bit stuck in some way.

I’ll explain what I mean when I say “creative force”. I’ll take the works of one of my favorite authors “Alexander Lowen founder of Bioenergetics therapy”. In one of his books he says something that refers to what I’m saying, he talks about an energy. This is what he says:


“Where the energy level is low or depressed, motility is necessarily decreased. “


So if low energy reduces motility surely it works the other way around. By increasing motility I’ll increase this mysterious creating energy. But what is that exactly?

Motility is the ability to move spontaneously and actively consuming energy in the process. So the next obvious question would be: how do I make myself be more spontaneous? Where do I start? What does that even mean?

I think that if you asked most people they would say that being spontaneous has something to do or is linked to being self expressive with a certain quality of a feeling tone. Lowen describes this sequence (it works in reverse aswell):




Here is the little problem you can’t really decide to be more spontaneous, feel more or be more self expressive. At best you can fake it but that’s it.

The body has a certain structure that doesn’t let more self expression in certain people.

To have a body that can MOVE spontaneously you must have a body that is able to move at all. Before thinking of moving spontaneously we should concentrate on having the ability to move well period.

So what I’m talking about is having a functional body, an efficient body that works correctly and at optimal levels.

And that’s the first layer that we’re going to address that I like to call:


Now to keep on moving let’s say that you’ve got a really functional strong body. What now? We were talking about increasing motility, the ability to MOVE SPONTANEOUSLY. We took care of the “moving” part. Now what’s left is the “spontaneously”.

To move spontaneously is to move “easily”. The more you can move easily the less conscious the movement has to be, the less you have to think about it.

When you talk about moving you have to talk about the joints. Basically if you move easily it’s because the joints move easily, in other words the joint moves freely inside the socket without restriction.

By improving the joint mobility (not to confuse with motility) movement will be much more spontaneous just because it will be easier.

In Bioenergetics when they make you do some exercises and you start to shake all over the place, your movements are really spontaneous and you don’t control them, you can’t really.

There are emotions that pass through your body that increase even more the spontaneous mobility of the joints. Or should I say that the movement gives rise to feeling and emotions.

It works in both ways. It is no secret that it is emotion that drives all great men and women to do great things. Emotion = Energy

2) Emotional Strength

So now we have increased motility (move spontaneously) and given rise to the creative energy we were talking about before. Now what we want is increase the energy even more.

Through spiritual practice one can dig deep into his soul and himself and discover energy that has been repressed since childhood. Repressed energy that has been blocked in the unconscious realm.

Now you are ready to face powerful, overwhelming and maybe even dark energy. So that brings us to the last layer:

3) Spiritual Strength 

So in summary, the goal for me is to become the best entrepreneur possible by unlocking my creative energy and the way to get there is to pass through 3 different layers:

1) functional strength

2) emotional strength

3) spiritual strength

stay tuned for more to come. Take care everyone!!

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  1. I think I’ll research who is this Alexander Lowen fella, some of the connections you made were quite brilliant at times. I too want to become an entrepreneur so it would be interesting to read more of what you have to say. Definitely staying tuned

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